Welcome to Fraga Wellness Solutions of Bayonne

Fraga Wellness Solutions provides numerous services to help you achieve your wellness goals. We specialize in providing patient-centered care involving the latest, most up-to-date and evidence based treatment.

Our friendly and expert staff includes:


Physical therapist

Pain management physician


The doctor and staff at Fraga Wellness Solutions are dedicated to helping you feel better!

Fraga Wellness Solutions is located in Bayonne, New Jersey. Click for Directions

Client Reviews

Dr. Fraga is amazing! She always takes the time to address our concerns whether it be a congested toddler, injured athlete, aching shoulder, stressed out teenager, arthritic ankle or preventative care for the whole family. My 4 year old, 10 year old and 17 year old love their devices and throughout the year she addresses and prevents issues like “text neck.” I put my
trust in Dr. Fraga and if you have any of the same concerns that I have for my family she has the expertise to alleviate your problems with her optimum Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy! 

Stephanie Greczylo

Love Dr. Maris! It was my fist time going to see a chiropractor and I couldn't have made a better choice. She is attentive to your needs, listens to your concerns and doesn't rush you out. I trust her implicitly. The staff is great and very welcoming. I also do physical therapy and acupuncture and both are great as well. To be able to get everything I need in one place, done by great practitioners is perfect. Everyone has been instrumental in my recovery. I would def recommend :) 

Vanessa Weber

She is the only one I trust with my back and hip issues. Doc put the time in to study how I move and what I do in my every day routine. She fixed me and prescribed stretching routines and preventative measures to make sure I stay pain free. I coach/train Ironman athletes and I send all our athletes to her and they all have the same sentiments...Doc fixes us keeps us going! 

Albert Caraos

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